Interview mit Marja Rajamäki über PMOK17

Interview mit Marja Rajamäki über PMOK17


Am 13. und 14. Februar 2017 findet die erste Process Mining Online Konferenz statt. Im Vorhinein führen wir mit den Referenten ein Interview über den eigenen Vortrag. Dieses Interview haben wir mit Fr. Rajamäki von QPR Software geführt.


#1 Please give a short introduction of yourself and your company. 

My name is Marja Rajamäki and I work in Business Development in QPR’s Process Intelligence team. QPR Software Plc provides solutions for strategy execution, performance and process management, process mining and enterprise architecture in over 50 countries. Users of QPR Software gain the insight they need for informed decisions that make a difference.


#2 What makes your presentation special? 

QPR is one of the pioneers in process mining and process intelligence and we combine process mining also with operational development and transformation. Process discovery is probably one of the first applications of process mining, but our experience allows us to bring new points of view also in this area.


#3 Why should a visitor listen to your presentation?

When companies try to find the optimal way to do business and execute their operations they spend a lot of time and effort in trying to understand and map what actually is the optimal way. With QPR ProcessAnalyzer we can show that this optimal way is very often already present in their operations and we just need to identify, where it is in use and how to deploy it elsewhere as well. Discovering processes is the first and a very important step. Going further with the discovery and identifying the wanted behavior is equally important.


#4 Which trends in Process Mining will you consider in future? 

I follow with great interest how more and more organizations are aware of process mining and consider it a solution; to put it shortly, process mining is going mainstream and I am very excited about it. Process mining is also still a topic that is developing constantly. I look forward in finding out what predictive analytics and machine learning can add to process mining.


Referent: Marja, Rajamäki, QPR Software

Moderatorin: Alea Knissling, Process Analytics Factory GmbH



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