Interview mit Michael Mc Daid über PMOK17

Interview mit Michael Mc Daid über PMOK17


Am 13. und 14. Februar 2017 findet die erste Process Mining Online Konferenz statt. Im Vorhinein führen wir mit den Referenten ein Interview über den eigenen Vortrag. Dieses Interview haben wir mit Hr. Michael Mc Daid von myInvenio geführt.


#1 Can you please introduce yourself and your company quickly?

My name is Michael McDaid. I have recently joined myInvenio to lead the sales effort from an extensive background in BPMS (8 years). For the last 2 years I have thought deeply around the themes of Process, Data and Digital Transformation and how the right technology can help add amazing value to client or user organisations. I was very excited when I encountered Process Mining and especially myInvenio. Why?

myInvenio ( was formed in 2013 based on over 20 years’ experience of the delivery of successful technologies and projects to a wide variety of industry sector customers.

myInvenio is a solution that allows organisations to better manage business process transformation by;

  • automatically analysing process data derived models
  • performing monitoring according to normative reference models
  • identifying bottlenecks, critical activities and resources
  • suggesting the improvements and transformations needed in order to anticipate trends

myInvenio has become a highly regarded automated process analysis solution delivering continuous support to its partners and customers, myInvenio’s main goal remains to meet the highest expectations of its shareholders and stakeholders by striving to become the most effective process analysis, operational intelligence and digital transformation solution available in the market.


#2 What makes your presentation special?

What we will present is an actual real-life use-case of a global organisation. Their supply chain processes provide products and services to huge customer numbers across many geographies. Many processes are standardised but challenges arise in consistent performance in Customer Service. The reason is that from country to country, the main technologies used in order fulfilment and shipping will vary, maybe as a result of growth and acquisitions.

You will see how myInvenio stands up to the claim that we are the most technology-agnostic PM vendor in the market place utilising process data from multiple sources to automatically produce highly valuable analyses and huge value in pinpointing areas for improvement right across the board.


#3 Why should attendees join your session?

I firmly believe that myInvenio fits exactly the criteria needed to be a real game-changer and leading technology in what has become known as “Digital Transformation”.

For me, the concept of Digital Transformation is not necessarily focussed on technologies but rather on “delivery”. And by delivery I mean leveraging a platform like myInvenio to provide rapid, robust and continuous positive changes in the way digital applications and processes deliver great results to our end customers and publics. Therefore, in turn, delivering amazing levels of successes for our user-organisations.

And so, anyone who wants to figure out how to leverage the best-of-breed technologies that they already have by improving on process performance, needs to watch and hopefully gain ever deeper insights into how myInvenio will greatly reduce the risks associated with process improvement by delivering stellar levels of success – Business Digital Transformation!


#4 What future process mining trends are important to myInvenio?

As I say above, positive transformation to the way we deliver applications and digital services to our customers is very much a “Business” end goal. I want to see Process Mining evolve from a technology that has up until now been seen as a “tech” play. Using data science and deep technical digital developments will not “breakout” unless these tools can be readily used, understood and acted upon by “business” or non-technical teams.

By opening up myInvenio to a deeper collaboration between IT and Business Teams, we will ensure ever greater levels of success in business actions.

Therefore, enabling wider adoption of myInvenio, providing business-readable and actionable analyses with an eye to predictive scenarios will have a hugely powerful decisional and improvement aspect for our customers. Areas like Advanced Analytics, BPA and Predictive Analyses are key and even more so when they can be picked up by business leaders and used to transform from within.

Here at myInvenio, we have already invested heavily in making our platform just that – a collaboration platform where IT and Business can make significant positive impacts on the way work gets done.


Referent: Michael Mc Daid. myInvenio

Moderatorin: Alea Knissling, Process Analytics Factory GmbH



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