Delivering secure products

We use a combination of process, technology, and security controls and collaborate with industry partners to deliver a robust security program.

Our security framework

The Autodesk Security framework was designed around industry standards to ensure consistent security practices, enabling us to build secure, run secure, and stay secure.

Build secure

Embedding security into our products is a critical part of securing our customers’ investment in Autodesk products and services.

We build security into our products and services from the ground up. We integrate security activities into all phases of the development effort to ensure issues are identified and corrected early and throughout the build process.

Run secure

Securing our infrastructure is another critical way that we protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our customers’ information.

We also build security directly into our products and deployment infrastructure. We own security capabilities, such as endpoint protection, identity and access management, patching and hardening, and offensive security. We integrate these elements as a holistic approach to managing security.

Stay secure

Gaining visibility into our environment offers us valuable insight into persistent suspicious activity, active security incidents, and ongoing exploits impacting Autodesk and our customers.

We take proactive steps to defend against these threats with the appropriate incident response. We work closely with all teams and personnel involved in a given situation to ensure that an appropriate response is managed for the issue.

Help us stay secure


Help us protect our applications by reporting a security incident, bug, or vulnerability found within an Autodesk product or service.


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