Installation for individuals

Convert a trial to a subscription

If your trial is about to expire, consider converting your trial to a subscription. Your software shows the number of days before the trial expires. You can’t extend that trial period, but you can keep using your software by getting a subscription.

For short-term needs, you can get a monthly subscription and turn off automatic renewal. See Cancel a subscription.

Get a subscription after a trial

  1. Start your trial and click Subscribe Now.
  2. The purchase workflow varies according to your product and your geographic region. Do one of the following:
    • If the Autodesk Store opens, sign in to your Autodesk Account at when prompted.
    • In rare cases, you need to get the software through a reseller.
  3. After you subscribe, your license is automatically switched from trial to subscription. You can use your software right away. If your software still says that you’re in trial mode, close and restart it.

Note: In rare cases, an Autodesk product may require you to update your license type when you convert a trial to a subscription. See Updating your license type when converting a trial to a subscription.

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What level of support do you have?

Different subscription plans provide distinct categories of support. Find out the level of support for your plan.

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